How do I clean my leather flogger,paddle,crop or leather strap-on harness?

Use quality saddle soap (specialized leather cleaner available at shoe repair or tack shops) and dampened cloth to clean. Follow the product use directions of your saddle soap.

Condition leather after cleaning or when leather feels dry to the touch.

Leather is a natural and porous material. It cannot be sanitized with harsh chemical cleaners without doing damage to the integrity of the material.

Unfinished leather

Unfinished leather will spot and patina over time. Expect that the leather will darken or spot where lube or body fluid touches it.

Finished leather/Garment leather

Finished leather (usually with a slightly glossy surface finish) is less likely to spot or darken when moistened with lube or body fluids.

Spot-clean with damp cloth and dry thoroughly before storing.

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